Our role is to expand the body of peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the Czech Republic to include one specializing in musicology and choreology. It also serves as a space for the publication activities of HAMU faculty and postgraduate students.

For musicological articles, preference will be given to those on topics that have been underrepresented in our country. Particularly:

  • music theory including the theory of interpretation,
  • ethnomusicology,
  • organology (including ethno-organology),
  • music historiography with the emphasis on the music history of the 20th and 21st centuries,
  • music aesthetics, music psychology, music management.

In the ethno-choreological part, articles are welcome from all areas of choreology and ethno-choreology, including historical issues, given that in the Czech Republic there exists no other research oriented periodical specialized on the research of dance.

The periodical is a continuation of a series of non-periodical collections of essays the history of which reaches as far as 1959.

  • In publication we follow the Živá hudba Ethical Codex
  • The periodical was founded January 5, 2011 (ISSN assigned)
  • Periodicity: Once a year
  • Published by: The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Živá hudba is distributed by NAMU – AMU Press