For authors

The Živá hudba periodical is issued once a year, specialized studies and articles can be submitted for peer-reviewing and publishing any time during the year.

Articles and Studies

The articles should be representative texts dealing with stimulating issues of basic research in the area of music theory, theory and history of dance, ethnomusicology, ethnochoreology, and possibly also other close areas. Accepted are studies in the extent of approx. up to 36 000 signs including the references (score appendices, pictures etc. extra). The texts can be in Czech, Slovak, English or German (+ title, abstract, and keywords in English, and the original language). All the studies are subject to pre-print, double blind peer-review procedure. The authors shall also enclose their brief bio in Czech, English or German in the extent of approx. 5-10 lines.

Peer-review procedure

All the contributions published in “Articles and Studies” are subject to pre-print, double blind peer-review procedure. After having evaluated the relevancy of the theme, language level and the adherence to the ethical rules and the style guidelines, the editors hand the contribution over to two independent peer-reviewers. The text can be

  • recommended to accept for publishing,
  • recommended to accept for publishing, with revisions,
  • recommended to accept for publishing, with essential revisions and new peer-reviewing,
  • recommended to reject.

The peer-reviewers fill in the forms (download here) which are archived. Peer-reviewers can be members of the Editorial Board (with the exception of editors), or other specialists. If the author of the study is a member of the Editorial Board or an editor, both the peer-reviewers must be chosen outside the Editorial Board. The editors are authorized to decide in which issue will be the text published.

Contributions published in the other sections are not subjects to the peer-review procedure.

Recources, Reviews, and Reports

Resource studies, brief reports from conferences, reviews of books (not older than 5 years), or discussion contributions etc. are also welcome. Such texts are not subject to peer-reviewing.

The authors shall adhere to Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

Živá hudba follows the Ethical Codex.

The manuscripts can be submitted both in electronic and printed form to the Živá hudba address.